ULTRAFLEX was first launched at AIX 2019 as an innovation for the future; a concept project imagining how best to provide comfort and entertainment on ultra-long-haul flights. Ahead of its time, ULTRAFLEX allowed multi-functional areas to be created and transformed, allowing for different uses of space. With the challenges brought by Covid-19, the original theory behind ULTRAFLEX now facilitates a new requirement for private-use areas, sectioned off for small bubbles of people.

The Flex Booths are of particular advantage, offering various options for families and social bubbles to meet, relax and dine in their own separate area on the plane. The communal areas provide enough space for passengers to move around the plane while still practicing social distancing.

ULTRAFLEX / Communal Space

ULTRAFLEX is a visionary space offering a solution to the demands placed upon passengers by ultra-long flights. It is a multi-functional destination area where passengers may move around, interacting with activities and each other, to alleviate boredom and aid health and well-being.


Community Space / Perch monument area

This area allows passengers to congregate and communicate. It provides the unexpected feature of open space in the cabin. The perch unit is a focal point and its continuous oval form makes it inviting to stand and chat around, alleviating the strains of sitting for long periods of time, and offering a more relaxed atmosphere.


Deli Galley / ‘Grab & Go’-style catering

With self-serve being a growing aspect of in-flight customer requirements, ULTRAFLEX includes an extended-height refrigerated display-cabinet with increased capacity, standard drawer stowage, and visually appealing food layout. This also allows the opportunity for product display space, which could be made available to outside companies for sponsorship.


Flex Booth / Wellness mode


Multi-use, versatile, transforming booths give the cabin interior key flexibility. These booths
can be used in various modes for entertainment, engagement and well-being.

In Wellness Mode, the FLEX booth offers space and a more private area where passengers
can follow stretching and wellness guides.

The booths could be bookable on board from the IFE or in advance online.


Flex Booth / Private Dining Mode

In Dine Mode, by folding down the table, this area effortlessly becomes a private dining area, where catered meals can be brought into the booth to introduce a more personal dining experience. Alternatively, snacks obtained from the deli galley may be eaten in privacy or shared with a friend. Equally, the area may become a work centre for shared conferences, with the table used for individuals’ laptops and small electronic devices.


Flex Booth / Focus Mode

In Focus Mode, a large area can be created for meditation, quiet contemplation or prayer. Soft fabrics and a calming design lend themselves to a tranquil zone where the passenger feels removed from the buzz of the rest of the aircraft and can enjoy a restful and reflective atmosphere.

The booths could be bookable on board from the IFE or in advance online.


Exercise Station

A productive workspace with incorporated movement stimulation, ULTRAFLEX has three exercise stations where low-resistance exercises can be performed whilst continuing to work or sit at a desk. These stations encompass a cycle seat, step plates and a massaging muscle-roller, providing an easy and fun way to keep blood circulating well and reduce stiffness and discomfort during the flight.


Perch Bar & Premium Galley

Communal Sporting Events

The central trough of the monument allows bottles or glasses to be stowed easily. Standard containers can be slid into a secure rail for easy supply of snacks and refreshments. Work-deck inserts slide into place over the trough to transform the unit into a pop-up bar. This feature may be used as a daytime café, an exciting cocktail bar, or during sporting events.


ULTRAFLEX / Evening / Life Space

ULTRAFLEX provides a visionary insight into the possibilities of future flight layouts. All the modules
are technically feasible for ultra-long-haul platforms and are conceived with full commercial
certification in mind.
Many airlines currently offer stunning in-flight social spaces but these are largely created from static
monuments that cannot offer the versatility of ULTRAFLEX. The design innovations captured
within ULTRAFLEX elevate the concept to a new generation of adaptable units.
New aircraft platforms and developed technologies have allowed ultra-long-haul flights to be part
of our reality, but they have to become more appealing to passengers in order for airlines to realise
the financial and organisational benefits.
ULTRAFLEX, in summary, creates a platform for airlines to develop a sought-after experience
for passengers and a brand-defining offering for their customers.