ARCA facilitates modern meal choices within innovative galley architecture, opening up new possibilities.


ACS UK ARCA was a finalist in the Visionary Concept category for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2020/21. The ground-breaking galley system was launched at AIX 2021.

Meal-service innovation

ARCA is a meal-service innovation for sustainability and efficient use of space. So much so that it will give airlines the possibility of adding an extra row of seating or destination monument in the space gained.

The ARCA model delivers through a meal-pack system, which dramatically cuts required galley space and enables a rethinking of galley carts fundamentally changing the previous design limitations of galleys, which have not really changed since the 1960s. In addition, ARCA offers options for recycling, waste reduction and greater passenger choice.

Limitless possibilities

ARCA is a philosophy that can be introduced into multiple locations, with the current concept being suitable to become part of a bigger collection. The genetics behind ARCA can be incorporated into both SFE and BFE variables.

Holistic approach

To redesign a galley it is necessary to understand every component that makes up the whole. We have analysed each individual part of the galley service to explore how we can make it more efficient to meet today’s current needs and beyond. ARCA is our holistic reworking of the aircraft galley, innovative and adaptable all round. Part of a holistic refresh of the galley lifecycle, ARCA is a new way of thinking for meal service requirements.