Decorative Finishes

Many premium brands are focusing their investment on the design and development of luxury bespoke passenger cabin environments, to enhance and enrich a passenger’s travelling experience, in a bid to position themselves as the market leader and to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Our innovative Chameleon™ decorative finish, allows these contemporary designs to be bought from concept stage through into inflight service, offering the touch of luxury mixed with the demand for durability for these high traffic areas.

Chameleon™, when applied permanently, alters the facia of many technologically advanced materials, composite honeycomb sandwich panels, laminates, thermoplastic and metallic components.

Extensive finishes are offered from natural wood, mimicking veneer; marble, or more industrial looking metal finishes. The range of Chameleon™ finishes can be viewed here – Chameleon™ Finishes.

Chameleon™ can be applied to complex contoured elements or simple flat surfaces, from thumbnail size application to much larger feature cabin monuments, such as curved bar units and horse-shoe shaped ceiling panels, for passenger social areas.

ACS UKs’ experience in applying this technique on a commercial scale is extensive, on both ship set projects, or one off interior re-fresh projects for VIP environments, through our Repair Centre.

We have both the capability to manufacture all the composite mouldings or flat panels required, ready for Chameleon™ application, or offer Chameleon™ film dip as a service, delivered ready for an interior fit.

  • Chameleon™ meets stringent EASA and FAA fire safety requirements for flammability, toxicity, and smoke density
  • Chameleon™ film is 1000mm wide, reducing the requirement for split lines for large composite components
  • Chameleon™ is environmentally (abrasion, scratch) and age tested, and resistant to UV weathering
  • Chameleon™ can be applied to all component sides, providing a high quality 3D finish

Qatar Airline A380 Onboard First Class Lounge

Qatar Airlines, named by SkyTrax as the number one Airline for 2015, developed its premium inflight Lounge to exude luxury, providing an exclusive, executive ambience to be enjoyed by both Business Class and First Class passengers.

Manufactured by ACS UK, the premium lounge comprises of over 300 individual composite components, inclusive of the curved bench sofas, stowage units and passenger bar area.

The 15ft curved bar being the centre-piece of the design is complemented by our Chameleon™ decorative finish in matt “Creation Dark”. A total of ten lounge components feature this premium finish.

Ten ship sets have been commissioned, with a project run time of 5 years.