Test Laboratory

Test Laboratory Services

Established over 20 years ago, ACS UK EASA-approved in-house Test Laboratory provides fundamental material safety testing to industries such as the Aerospace, Rail, Automotive and Marine sectors, with the provision of flammability (UKAS-accredited), mechanical and glass transition testing for structural and interior components, and an anechoic chamber for radome testing.

As well as our core testing portfolio, we also offer the capability to support:-

  • Material qualification programmes
  • Research and development projects
  • Inter-laboratory trials
  • Material trials
  • Compliance/Certification programmes
  • Bespoke test service agreements, for long term project/testing requirements
  • UKAS 2795 Accredited – please see the attached certificate here.

Our multi-disciplined Test Engineers work in accordance with industry approved major OEM design requirements, for example Airbus and Boeing, and test results are released in accordance with customers’ individual approvals and exact requirements. Long serving in the field of material testing, and with our industry expertise, we offer a quality flexible service, delivering accurate, reliable results.


  • Flammability/Heat release and smoke density chamber
  • Mechanical Test Machine Lloyd EZ50
  • Triton Dynamic Mechanical Analyser
  • Radome Test Range
  • Production facility to manufacture test pieces for R & D projects
  • Same day service available for Mechanical and Glass Transition Testing

Flammability testing covers the evaluation of the flammability, heat release, smoke density and toxic gas emissions of structural or interior components or materials, such as composite board, carbon fibre, carpets, fabrics, thermoplastics and painted samples. 

  • 60 second vertical flammability
  • 12 second vertical flammability
  • 15 second horizontal flammability
  • 45 degree flame penetration flammability
  • 60 degree cable flammability
  • Heat Release
  • Smoke Emission
  • Toxic Gas Emission


  • CS.25.855
  • CS.25.853
  • Airbus specification ABD 0031
  • Boeing specification D6-51377

Mechanical testing evaluates the mechanical properties of non-metallic laminate and honeycomb sandwich structures, bonded metallic components and metallic honeycomb structures.

  • Long Beam Compression/Tension
  • Short Beam Shear
  • Climbing Drum Peel
  • T-Peel
  • Creep Test
  • Tensile Test Type
  • ILSS Inter Laminar shear strength/flexural strength


  • ASTM Standards
  • BSEN Standards
  • AMD Standards
  • ISO Standards