The Loft

‘The Loft’ is a stunning new social area for Virgin Atlantic Airways’ A350.

ACS UK innovative engineering solutions enabled a centre section of monuments with an independent ceiling, attached to the monuments themselves, and not to the aircraft structure.

The space comprises an intimate bar area and spacious lounge, designed by Virgin Atlantic and Factory Design. Materials and finishes include multi-paint systems, multiple custom-made Isovolta laminates, hard black anodised bar surfaces, black nickel and gold plating. A new Boltaron material was specially designed to allow passengers to see the silhouette of activity in the area.

The Upper Class Bar

The bar on board Virgin Atlantic Airways’ fleet of A330-300s features theatrical lighting that elevates and enhances the angular form of the bar design. The redesigned Door 2 zone includes a self-service area with increased stowage space and magazine displays. Backlit Corian panels, intricately cut Kydex ceiling panels and the warm colour palette complete the atmospheric passenger experience of this premium multi-functional space.

Virgin Atlantic 787-9

Promoting a fun side to air travel, the area boasts modern angular design influences mixed with advanced materials and production techniques. The overall appearance is not one you will forget.

Virgin Atlantic A330 Bar

This concept was a huge leap forward in terms of form and function. Specialist bar tops, sharp angled monuments and striking lighting features were fused together to create a futuristic and funky social area.