ACS UK has been a manufacturer of complete aircraft interiors continuously since the 1940s. During this period ACS UK has led the market with the introduction of new materials, processes and technologies.

The Waterbeach site specialises in the manufacture and repair of semi-finished products and components from fibre reinforced composites. We are experienced in manufacture of components from Carbon, Quartz, Aramid and Glass fibres, using Epoxy, Phenolic and Polyetherimide resins. Sandwich panels and components are created using aluminium, aramid paper or Polyetherimide tubular core or Polyurethane, Polyetherimide or Polyether Sulphone foam cores.

Our processes include vacuum bag, autoclave and press curing, preparation for decorative processes, the application of decorative paint coatings and the Chameleon® 3D Water Transfer printing process. Waterbeach has multi axis CNC machining centres for pattern manufacture and finished part machining.

Waterbeach performs testing, repair and manufacture of radomes for public transport aircraft. We have a licence from Saint Gobain (formerly Norton) for manufacture and repair to St Gobain STCs and for TC Holder Approved radomes. Waterbeach has one of the most capable, automated radome transmissions test facilities in the Europe and performs testing for third parties.

Waterbeach houses our independent Fire Property Test Laboratory, with capability for EASA and CFR14 Vertical, Horizontal, 45 degree Heat release Rate, Smoke Emission and Boeing/Airbus Smoke and Toxic Gas Emission tests. Since mid-2015 we have been able to provide Boeing approved fire property test witnessing using our Boeing Qualified Individuals for Test Witness Activity from our Bournemouth EASA Design Organisation.

Waterbeach is a stockist and distributor for aluminium honeycomb core, aramid paper honeycomb, fibre reinforced pre-pregs and film adhesives manufactured by Hexcel Corporation and Euro Composites.

The Bournemouth site has the capability for complete interior design and manufacture for both fixed-wing and helicopters, made from thermosetting and thermoplastic resins, semi-finished fibre reinforced composites, and metals. The capability includes sidewalls, ceilings overhead stowage compartments, lavatories, aircraft cabin electrical systems, cabin lighting systems, movable cabin dividers, special partitions, and stowages and cargo bay lining. ACS UK developed a unique fold down baby bassinet shelf, which it has manufactured and delivered worldwide continuously for major airlines since 1982.

The Bournemouth team integrated and installed the world’s first Active Noise Control installations in public transport aircraft during the 1990s, and also pioneered the development of cabin water spray systems on behalf of the UK CAA. An extensive structural testing laboratory performs static, artificial aging and chilled equipment cooling tests.

Since 1998 Bournemouth has specialised in highly customised large monuments, in flight bars and self-service modules, in flight seating (sofas, bar stools) and cabin brand feature panels, bringing the detailed design and quality of VIP private aircraft to Public Transport aircraft. Bournemouth specialises in thermal and acoustic insulation systems and has been an established supplier of thermal insulation for airframe anti-ice ducts and helicopter active vibration servos for over three decades. Bournemouth manufactures and supports helicopter Auxiliary Fuel Systems for Sikorsky S61N and S76 helicopters, continuously manufactured since 1962. Bournemouth is the European Centre of the ACS UK Customer Support organisation, providing technical support, technical publications, spare parts and repairs for all elements of all aircraft interiors. Customer Support has a second team in Peach-tree City USA and is establishing a site in the Middle East.